Shut up! I’m trying to find my Zen (6)

I grew up flying stand-by, making a habit of volunteering to get bumped, and having to follow a dress code to get on a plane. My kids have flown Southwest since they were little, throwing on their comfiest pants and running onto the plane during their cattle call of a boarding process. It almost alwaysContinue reading “Shut up! I’m trying to find my Zen (6)”

Yes is more (5)

You know how when you travel, those days can be a little bit more stressful, you might have a little less patience for strangers, and maybe what could be a gentle correction for your children comes out as a sharp hiss verging on a growl? Me neither. .. We find ourselves- fortunately and unfortunately- experiencingContinue reading “Yes is more (5)”

Toings and Froings (4)

We returned to London where you can already buy Queen memorabilia from any street vendor. One local news anchor actually used the phrase “toings and froings’ during a segment and I’m glad it is now in my lexicon. With the most notable sites closed to honour a week of mourning (In the UK I willContinue reading “Toings and Froings (4)”

Hello World!

A quick intro to this- I’m sitting on a nice patio that I don’t own and my kids are doing screens in the middle of the day in a camper that I also don’t own. Thanks to our friends Caleb and Katie, we have a quick place to be squatters while we span the gap of renting our house out to strangers and leaving on a 3+ month tour of Europe. Ten days of local suitcase living and the current takeaway is that I’ve never properly taught my kids how to do dishes by hand.